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The last few years of studying have left me little time for doing much else. However, below are listed a few things which I'm interested in.


I have a great love for music, particularly music from before 1700. I think the music I like best is medieval. It is probably because it is so enigmatic. At that time little music would have been written down, so we have to guess at how the pieces we do have were performed. Not only in terms of which instruments, or whether voice was used, but also in terms of whether the piece was performed in a 'concert' setting, or just within the family. I would like to continue my study of medieval music at some point.


When I get time I like to do cross-stitch and tapestry. I currently have one large tapestry of badgers and two largish cross-stitch pictures on the go.

I also like reading - when I get the time. Usually crime stories - although I prefer to borrow these from the library as talking books. Great for doing the housework to!


I would like to learn German. I spent one month in Germany this year and this made me realise that being able to speak German would have helped enormously! So, I'm trying to teach myself. This is difficult, but at the moment I cannot get to any evening classes.

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