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MSc Information Technology - Project

As part of my Masters degree I undertook a project for three months. The abstract is given below, with the introductory text (chapter 1) of the thesis available HERE.

It is not possible for me to include my thesis on this website, mainly because it is so large, but also because it is the property of De Montfort University. However, links to some examples of my work are given below.


The aim of this project was to investigate how XML (eXtensible Markup Language), XSL (XML Stylesheet Language) and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) could be utilised to produce graphical views of semantic structures found within lecturer materials. Lecturer materials are items used by lecturers to produce course materials.

A case study was completed of the Tele-Akademie, the distance learning wing of the Fachhochschule in Furtwangen, Germany. This was undertaken in order to find what textual semantic structures might appear in lecture materials, which could usefully be given a graphical view. A report was also completed about distance learning and e-learning methods of training. This was undertaken in order to understand what graphical material is currently used in learning based on the Internet.

The result of this project was a series of HTML and SVG files produced from XML using XSL. Both the HTML and SVG files were created from the same data (XML) and the majority of the outputs could be able to be produced dynamically using server-side software.



  1. For most of these pages you will need an SVG viewer. This can be obtained free from Adobe.
  2. Please be patient as some pages take a while to load all the SVG examples.

Presentation examples A series of pages showing techniques and results of using XML and XSL to produce HTML and SVG.
Presentation notes A PowerPoint presentation, which was used together with the Presentation examples listed above.
Prototype website This is a prototype website including aspects of SVG and XML as described in the presentation. The prototype is based around the history of music, but little real text has been included. Note: all links on the opening page link to the same secondary page.

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