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August 1996

'A' Level Special

A Level Results Out!

All the waiting is over at last. The many weeks from the end of exams to the middle of August is a testing time for all candidates who have taken exams. Indeed, there are frequent doubts about ability and the thought that all has not gone well.

I have been no exception to this. As the time to results drew nearer the more nervous and unsure I was. Convinced that every answer I had given (that I could remember) was the wrong one. Feeling absolutely certain that failure was the only option.

The waiting is over. Onthe morning of August 15 I was handed my results and I can now say that I have successfully passed my exams.

The results are as follows:

      A - Theoretical Music
      A - Practical Music
      A - Mathematics

I am overjoyed and delighted. What a relief. Although I have had to put up with the many remarks from my family saying 'well, of course you got all A's - we never doubted for a moment'.

The Next Step

Obviously with the grades I have managed to obtain I am going to go to my first choice - Shefield University. Here I will study for a BMus (Hons) Music degree for three years.

I have applied for university accommodation near the Music Department, but have yet to hear anything of my new address up in Sheffield.

I now need to sort out what items I am going to need to take, insurance for the instruments (and my other stuff too), pots and pans, etc. for cooking (I'm going self-catering) as well as what books I might need.

Everything Else

I have already had my grant confirmed. I am to receive the full amount and Andrew will not have to pay anythng towards my maintenance fees. This is a relief to both of us.

I have also been working this summer to gain a little financial cushioning for the start of term. Hopefully I will have enough to last me.

What of Andrew? I hear you ask. Well I will leave him behind in Hinckley - during the week anyway. I am hoping that my timetable can be worked out such that I can come home for weekends. This is obviously going to put a strain on our finances, but our combined efforts at working out a budget seems to indicate that we'll manage.

As for what will happen at the end of the three years - that remains to be seen. I have one or two options in mind, but don't want to bury my head in one and so miss any other opportunity that might present itself. That has happened to me too many times before.

Well, this is my news so far. No doubt we will write again at Christmas. Until then


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August 1996

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