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Christmas 1997

Seasons Greetings!

Well, here we are again, another year has passed.

Lez at University

1st year: Now I'm in the 2nd year the first year seems a long way off. I have to take 6 modules each year. In the first year 4 modules are music and 2 from other subjects. My results were:

Stylistic Styles (music)


Critical Responses (music)


History of Music


Performance & Composition (music)


Practical Computing


C Programming (½ module)


Solar System - astronomy (½ module)


So I passed my first year and can proceed to 2nd year. 1st year ersults do not count towards the degree, but everything fromnow on does!

2nd year: All modules are now music, though I am taking 4 up to Xmas and 2 afterwards. This means my work schedule up to Xmas is rather hectic. This is made even more chaotic since I now live at home and commute to Sheffield.

I auditioned for the 2 univ orchestras and managed to get in both! Unfortunately I had to give up my place since I couldn't make rehearsals. However, I was asked to play in the Chamber Orchestra and New Music Ensemble, so I'm still playing. During my time in Sheffield, I also somehow fit in teaching a girl of 11 oboe. What a life!!


We escaped across the A49 spine road into Shropshire and the Marches in March this year. Andrew achieved a lifetime goal of visiting Stokesay Castle. He's been wanting to go since 1979. We spent two days B&B at Clun where we saw Hale-Bopp (the comet) for the first time. Clun boasts several pubs but none served meals when we visited 'out of season'.

Summer saw us testing our new 4 man tunnel tent. It is 'very waterproof'. We proved it in June with 96 hours of rain and not a drop in.

FOR SALE: 1980s vintage girl guide tent. 3 careful owners. Offers.

Andrew converted his old meths stove to gas - giving simmer control for the first time. But it doesn't cook toast. Even in a gale on a high exposed Welsh hillside it didn't blow out.

FOR SALE: Kitchen range and gas cooker. Complete with gas bottle and fixtures. Offers.


July saw the completion of the bathroom (Lez had started at Xmas last year!). This may seem a long time, but a lot of work needed doing and Lez (who did most of the work) had to fit it in around univ.

Andrew has not been idle though. He has put up lots of bookshelves (front room and office). And the office has been rearranged to try and maximise the space available.


Andrew snapped the rear axle on his BSA bike. He hasn't been able to get new gear cables since 1975, but his local 'old style' cycle shop was able to supply a 'pre-owned' spindle. He's currently trying to get replacement brake shoes for this bike. Know a supplier?! DIY adaptations loom ... The ARK (tandem) has had a new rear saddle and handlebar fitted. For the first time in years it didn't go on holiday with us.

Computers and printers

We bought a new printer for our PC this year. (Used to produce this card.) We've also had to rebuild Lez's PC. It's got a replacement video card and motherboard. And still gives us occasional problems. We're currently trying out global computing. We have an e-mail address now, it's Andrew is convined that we will benefit by accessing global libraries to help in Lez's music study.

Driving and Cars

This summer Lez spent most of her time learning to drive. The downside of this was that she didn't do very much work, but - HURRAH! - passed her driving test on 4 September. She can now drive to Sheffield if needs be, and also share the driving with Andrew.

We have been given yet another car. Last year Lez's Dad gave us a Mazda. This year Andrew's Mum got a new car and so offered us the Chevette. Since this was in better condition than the Mazda we took it, and gave the Mazda back to Lez's Dad.

With love

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Christmas 1997

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