This year has been dominated by houses. Andrew’s parents have moved house, and so have we (into their old house!) We put a fair amount of time, money and energy into selling our Manor Street house. Now that we’ve moved, we’ve started all over again. We are still clearing up after the move. The move itself was a pretty quick thing really. Andrew’s parents wanted to move house. They found a bungalow and wanted a quick move. We discovered that we could afford to buy their house. So, here we are in a wonderful house in Leicester!

New address:

Somewhere in

Old house

Before we moved from Manor Street we decorated. This was done to help to sell the house. The bedroom was painted yellow last Christmas. We then got new flooring for the kitchen, bathroom and dining room. Painted the front door step and door and window frames, painted the dining room, kitchen and lobby, painted the outside at the back (that took 2 of us 12 hours!) and put new curtains in the dining room and bedroom. Then the packing. It’s amazing how much stuff we’d got at Manor Street. Still trying to find places for it all now.

New home

We’ve moved in. We have a small garden with some grass. Can’t call it a lawn … yet. We have decorated the spare bedroom in yellow and lilac and the kitchen in green. Looks pretty good.


We haven’t had a real holiday this year. Just time off from work. Went to St Davids for a weekend and visited London (went on the Eye), Manchester and Sheffield for day trips.

Fun things

We’ve been to the cinema this year – saw Cats & Dogs – and went bowling twice. We went to Crufts again. Lez has started making cards (but not enough for Christmas cards though). We now have a digital camera. If you has access then you can see some of the pictures on our website:


Lez has had several jobs. The one mentioned last Christmas didn’t work out. She was a medical secretary in Leicester from January to April then a medical secretary in Hinckley. When we sold the house, she started at the City Council as Data Processing Assistant. Andrew is still at the Bookshop, enjoying/ enduring an interesting bespoke database.


Andrew has tried contact lenses this year. He wears them occasionally. He is also getting enthusiastic about Narrowboat art …


Lez got a sewing machine for her birthday this year. She has already made some cushion covers and a bed headboard cover. She plans to make some curtains.


The car door fell off this year, and it has ceased to record miles (it is forever 40!). Lez now has another bike – another Dawes. We now just need some foot-and-mouth-free summer days on which to ride it.


Leicestershire was hit with a 4.1 magnitude earthquake. It wasn’t as strong as the one in 2000.

Lots more has happened, but that is all the room that we have this year. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!