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Christmas 1992


Dear all,
Oh dear! where did the autumn go? Suddenly Christmas is upon us, and we still haven't got ourselves organised ... or have we? Well, that's for you to judge. Hope you enjoy this newsletter.

Kitchens and Bathrooms - Lez

Well, to continue from the last letter, we have ust about finished the kitchen. There is still quite a bit of painting to be done, but we managed to paper and paint the walls, artex and paint the ceiling and put up a rather nice border. It has really brightened the place up. I actually enjoy being in the kitchen now.

Now you may be wondering why bathrooms? Well, I finally managed to persuade Andrew that a shower would be a good thing to have. (In fact I bought it and then told him!) Anyway, it's been so good having one, I wish I'd done it three years ago!

A tune a day - Lez

Music has been very prominent this latter half of the year. Early November saw both of us sitting our Music Theory exams. Andrew took grade 1, whilst I attempted grade 5. We both got distinctions.

A fortnight after the theory exam, I took my first exam on the oboe: grade 4. You will be pleased to know that I passed with distinction. Next year I intend to tak eup lessons on the clarinet again as Andrew's just bought me a really good one. I'm also hoping to get Andrew to do some more theory.

Money, money, money - Andrew

Ten years agot this month I took out a life assurance savings plan through a friend at a local office. This recently matured and we had a large cheque as a result. We will soon have the opportunity to clear some of our debt, be able to give some away and treat ourselves to something special. With various debts being paid we will have a little money left after monthly expenses to save and/or repay remaining debt. Money left over at the end of the month will be a new and very pleasant experience for us. We now have a savings a/c with some money in!

Open up - Lez

We now have a new front door. the old one was nearly falling to bits. Andrew's father is doing it for us. We first had the door in July although it still isn't quite finished yet. However, it is (just about) waterproof and draft proof. I just hope this will be finished by the next newsletter!

His ... - Andrew

Summer goods-in was a nightmare. The overloaded computer system let me down. There was not a single day in August when it worked as it should. It is due to retire in March 1993.

The extra staff had a very easy start. Then books arrived by the lorry load, pallets at a time, all together, so we fell over them for weeks, ankle deep in poly chips. At worst we had a disappointing 9 day turnaround.

The bookshop bike was eclipsed by the bookshop fax, which moves paper across the campus at the speed of sound. But my 1955 BSA bookshop runabout has still clocked up 75 miles since August. As I write this I can see a clear desk for the first time since August!

... and Hers - Lez

In case you have been wondering for the past year what UCCF, I've enclosed a couple of leaflets about it this time.

Since the summer we have a new Head of Student ministries, Nigel Lee and from Feb 93 we have a new General Secretary, Bob Horn. There is a great sense of relief and expectation with these two key jobs being filled.

Since September I've been working a 4 day week. This was my own choice and leaves me a day all by myself at home. It's wonderful! Also my job title's changed. I'm down called WP advice/development. Unfortunately my wages aren't increased for such a posh title!

Welcome Break ahead - Lez

We have already started making plans for 1993. Well, for our holiday anyway. At the end of February we are going on a cruise. We'll be in northern waters, away from the crowds and the bustle of city life, just the two of us and a narrowboat called Holly! Yes, we've succombed to or urges to try the canals out for a holiday.

Tools of the trade? - Andrew

I remember taking the Chevette to Trowbridge to get my brother-in-law to show me how to change the oil and filters. That's the sort of topic covered on the Car Maintenance evening course. Since being on the course I've discovered we need a new generator drive belt. I also now know why cars overheat on icy mornings (and how to avoid it happening), and I understand why I shear bolts now that I've been introduced to the torque wench. I think the most important thing I've learned, though, is courage.

On yer bike! - Lez

Lately we've taken to being interested in canals and narrowboats. As we cannot afford to buy a boat ourselves (and hiring every weekend is somewhat extravagent) we've done the next best thing and got a permit to cycle on the towpath. Yes, you do need permit to cycle on the towpath. It cost us 3 each.

We took ourselves, and the bikes, on the Ashby Canal and cycled from Hinckley to Stoke Golding - coming back by road. It is so quiet and peaceful, although you need to watch for potholes! We saw a couple of boats and lots of fishermen (women and children) along the way. We've net yet seen a fisherperson smile though - perhaps it was a bad day?!

Resolutions - Andrew

Things that need to be done tend to take precedence over what I would like us to do.

Working on the front door with my father reminded me just how much the joists under the front room floor need attention and the outside of the house is now screaming 'Paint me!'.

We have had some carpet tiles wanting to go down in the back bedroom for about a year now, but it's our junk room and will have to be emptied and ordered first. I would also like to cover up the crayon marks on the wall left by the previous small occupiers of the room.

A Christmas holiday resolution is to finish white-washing the bike shed/conservatory and fit a tool cupboard on the wall. I also need to plaster part of one of the walls in our front room and fit some bookshelves for our growing library. Another new experience.

Lez would like to take grade 8 on the clarinet again and grade 6 on the oboe. I think that cor anglais will stay in the shop for this year at least!

And finally ...

And so we come to the end of 1992. What a year it has been! Next year looks to be just as exciting. So, for now we wish you Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. See you soon!

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Christmas 1992

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